A bit about


I'm just a normal guy. By day I work as a Design and Marketing Director, by night (and weekends) I ride my bike, draw things, walk the dogs, watch F1 and hang out with friends and family.

Selling artwork only really started after I made a Jenson Button illustration and a Lewis Hamilton illustration for my Dad (and myself...). I had done things here and there previously but only one-offs. I posted the pictures online and people started asking for them.

I think it's awesome that people like my work and want it and as a thank you I keep the runs on each print down really low. 50 is my max run for any print size. I keep the cost down and the number of available prints low, that makes it more special to own, right?

You can read about my artwork below too...

A bit about


I studied Transport Design for 4 years then worked on short term contracts in concept art and design as well as graphic design and other creative bits and pieces. It involved concept sketching, clay modelling and 3D modelling but my favourite bit was always working up the concept art at the end of the design process, the bit where you show off I guess.

I have always drawn and painted (traditional and digital). My artwork usually comes out better if I like the subject - so anything F1, Motorsport or cycling based seems to come out well.

My F1 art is inspired heavily by the whole concept art work and and it started when I wanted some F1 art for myself and my Dad. There's some pretty awesome stuff out there but to be frank I couldn't afford it. 

The majority of my art is currently based around F1 but I'm going to be expanding out real soon and covering more motorsport and cycling stuff. In the meantime I hope you enjoy my F1 art and like my choice of drivers and cars. I'm always keen to hear what you guys want.

That's probably enough rambling on for now! Take a look at my artwork and get in touch if you want to chat.