Jenson Button F1 Art - Brawn Second Edition

Jenson Button F1 Art - Team Brawn GP - 2009 World Champion Edition 2

My very first F1 print was a Team Brawn Jenson Button and it sold out quite some time ago. This was all way before Jenson Button retired. Since then i've had many, many requests for another Jenson Button Brawn piece.

Here it is, some 3 years after the first Jenson Button Brawn Print.

There has been a huge interest in A3 prints so I'm now offering them on this latest Jenson print.

The key difference (other than size!) is A4 will be gloss and A3 will be matte.

I've always offered my prints in A4 and many people collect and prefer them at this size as it is much easier to frame an A4 print and you can also fit more on the wall...

There will only be 50 A4 prints and 50 A3 sold.

Each one signed and numbered on the back. Please note, A3 prints are 300gsm and have a matte finish. A4 Prints are also 300gsm but they are gloss finish.


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