Lewis Hamilton - Limited Edition F1 Art - #Hammertime


Lewis Hamilton F1 Art - Mercedes F1 - HAMMERTIME

This print is of Lewis Hamilton in his dominant Mercedes F1 car. It was the first F1 print I ever did. It was actually a present for my Dad and this is where the whole artwork hobby began.

I love it when Mercedes come over the radio and give Lewis the 'Hammertime' command, moments before Lewis lights up the car and gives 110%.My style comes from a creative background, studying and working in transport design and 10 years in graphic design. I create illustrations I want to hang on my own wall, so hopefully you like my taste.There will only be 50 total prints sold. All prints are signed and numbered and printed on 300GSM high grade stock.

I keep a list of the numbers and you'll receive an authenticity note.

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